NEAR exists to build relationships among those in the New England Synod of the ELCA and beyond who are invested in belonging to fully inclusive, anti-racist, multicultural organizations in a transformed society.

(see “Continuum on Becoming an Anti-Racist Multicultural Organization” © Crossroads Ministry, Chicago, IL: Adapted from original concept by Bailey Jackson and Rita Hardiman, and further developed by Andrea Avazian and Ronice Branding; further adapted by Melia LaCour, PSESD.)

The following outcomes serve to guide our work:

  • An awareness of the distinction between diversity/inclusion and antiracism in every congregation and ministry of the New England Synod.
  • Synod council and staff leadership embody values of antiracism in all practices and efforts/committees/programs/initiatives/policies of the synod.
  • Clear communication of a process for becoming antiracist, including but not limited to assessment, training, theological reflection, ritual and evaluation.
  • A network of people to turn to for encouragement, agitation, idea generation, planning and prayer
  • A reparations process that identifies specific damage done
  • A useful compilation of resources and opportunities for training

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